2022 Steve Collection

You've done it. You've found the most exclusive corner of Pod merch. The Steve Collection features upgraded, limited-run gear available in all your favorite styles that's only on sale for a short time. The 2022 Steve Collection is available through in November 2022 for a limited time.

TM Collection

Hey, we TM'd that! No, really, we did--kind of. By TM'ing it we mean that we made it into a shirt. This collection features five phrases every Pod fan knows and loves, plus the snazzy Pod logo (TM TM TM) on the back.

The Old Reliable

For seven years, you've been telling us, "You should have pod shirts." This shirt is the answer to those comments--it's The Old Reliable, a fundamental, white, cotton t-shirt with the Pod logo on the front. Available 365 days a year and perfect for taking those arms crossed, serious face photos at the game.


Sometimes you just need to be able to throw on a hat and get out the door to your aqua zumba class. Our accessories are here to help. But you'll find more than just hats. You'll also find other fun surprises. None of our accessories will ever make you say, "I don't even want this!"